Research topics

This Programme Grant has so far (Feb 2016) involved 15 different projects; 9 postdoctoral, 3 PhD and 4 done by Visiting Researchers. New projects start fairly regularly, for example, 3 new projects will be starting as soon as possible. All the projects can be roughly broken down across 5 different topics, figure 1, although there are a number that are deliberately at the interfaces between them. The topics include: Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites; Monolithic Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics; MAX Phases; Modelling; and Processing. Further details may be found on the following webpages.

XMat projectsThe projects have all focused on the original vision for the Grant, viz. the development of the required understanding of how the processing, microstructures and properties of materials systems operating in extreme environments interact to the point where materials with the required performance can be designed and then manufactured. Specific milestones and deliverables have been modified slightly over the course of the programme, and new ones added, and the programme is on track to meet its aims and objectives.